Pagnoni srl
Production of industrial gaskets

Turning of plastic materials

For over 20 years Pagnoni srl has been dealing with the production of industrial gaskets and PTFE gaskets, used in various sectors. The company specializes in the production of parts for Ball valves seats, B-up Rings, O-rings and custom gaskets. Available products have sizes ranging from 5.00 mm to 250.00 mm.

The Pagnoni mechanical department is equipped to perform automatic turning operations, CNC numerical control turning, CNC Sliding Headstock Turning. The latest generation control systems allow the realization of details so as to always satisfy the needs of the customers.

Production of industrial gaskets


Our production, even if based on PTFE, includes other plastic materials, fluorinated and not, to have a wider range of use available. The dimensions that we can supply ranging from 5.00 mm to 250.00 mm

Lathe machining of plastics


Pagnoni Srl is equipped to perform mechanical turning from the simplest to the most complex part

Pagnoni Srl Industrial gaskets in plastic materials


Pagnoni Srl comes from the experience of its partners specialized in fluoropolymers production of parts for ball valves, seals, gaskets and o-ring design.