thread sealing rings

Thread Sealing rings

PTFE thread sealing rings

The Modified PTFE in the Sealing system is widely used in the threaded connectors in the idro-thermo sanitary market with the following advantages:

  • The use and installation offer a better sealing characteristics and easier application
  • The assembling and disassembling of PTFE thread sealing rings do not compromise its sealing characteristics
  • The installation of thise accessories can be carried out with no need of specialized personnel

This system can be used succsfully even in the pneumatic industry with the same reported benefits.

Our production of industrial gaskets includes: OringValve SeatsWasher, Backup rings and Conical Thread Sealing. We collaborate with our customers for design work and the use of innovative materials.

We also carry out mechanical machining of: CNC turning and CNC headstock turning. The department includes lathes and work centers including a 5-axis CNC, the precision and quality of the service make us a point of reference for our customers.

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PTFE thread sealing rings made in Italy, Pagnoni srl

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